Towards Eden


These are a couple of selected pages from my webcomic, Towards Eden.

With chapter two being published, there's over sixty pages of my work that you can check out here!

Sci-Fi Sleeping Beauty


These are some unlettered pages from an anthology submission that reimagined the tale of the Sleeping Beauty in a sci-fi setting. Written by Daniel Sharp.

Comic Anthologies

Welcome to Mina's (2021) - Cloudscape Comics
Illustrated the comic Caught in the Storm, written by Evan Waterman.

Fantastic Frights (2022) - Cloudscape Comics
Short Fantasy Horror comic The Oracle of Death.

Songs of the Sea (2022) - WildStar Press
Illustrated the comic Food for Thought, written by Adam Ma.

Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: South America (2022) - Iron Circus Comics
Fantasy Fairy Tale adaptation of The Lizard Prince.


Here are a bunch of illustrations I've made, in no particular order.
(click on the thumbnail to see the full illustration!)