Cafe Recorder

A Simple Timelapse Screen Recorder

Download   v1.0.2

Windows 7 or higher

Project Status: Abandoned

As you may have noticed, the development of this project has been discontinued. Sadly, right when I finally started having time to work on this again, the pandemic started and it threw my life out the window. It's been years since I started this project and I've failed to justify further time investment into it ever since. Thankfully, a lot of the popular art programs like Clip Studio Paint and Procreate have started to include their own timelapse recording feature, which is also why for the most part this project is no longer needed.

I won't take this offline, so you can still purchase and download this program if you need it, and you can still use it, but there will be no new updates being developed moving forwards. Thank you for understanding.


Cafe Recorder is a simple screen recorder software intended to be used for the creation of timelapse-style videos.

Just pick a speed and record. Your video will come out already sped-up and ready to upload to YouTube.


If you've ever made a timelapse video on your computer, you know recording the screen is pretty easy nowadays. The bad part is having to edit and render the video into a timelapse.

Editing and rendering a 4 hour video to shrink it to 15 minutes can be tedious and frustrating. I hate it!

That's why I made Cafe Recorder.

With this program you can record your desktop at a preset speed multiplier and your video will be ready to upload as soon as you're done recording it.


Most other alternatives to record timelapse videos use a screenshot-based system. That still requires you to compile those screenshots into a video, and has the extra downside of being very size-heavy, with hundreds of high quality screenshots weighting down on your hard-drive.

Cafe Recorder, instead, just records a video and drops a bunch of frames inbetween. Simple and lightweight!


Current version: 1.0.2 [Windows | 31.6MB]

Download available through

Download Instructions

  1. Download the ZIP file and extract the folder anywhere.
  2. Run the file cafe_recorder.exe to use the program.
  3. Note that if you have Avast Antivirus, it might try to block the file. Don't fret! This is because the program is a small executable file from an unknown source and Avast is just being cautious. You can safely white-list it.
  4. That's it! This software doesn't require an installation.

Note: If the program doesn't start because MSVCP149.dll or similar is missing from your computer, that most likely means you have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages. I don't include them with the program because most people already have them, but you can download them from the official Microsoft site here.