Cafe Recorder

A Simple Timelapse Screen Recorder

Download   v1.0.2

Windows 7 or higher


Cafe Recorder is a simple screen recorder software intended to be used for the creation of timelapse-style videos.

Just pick a speed and record. Your video will come out already sped-up and ready to upload to YouTube.


If you've ever made a timelapse video on your computer, you know recording the screen is pretty easy nowadays. The bad part is having to edit and render the video into a timelapse.

Editing and rendering a 4 hour video to shrink it to 15 minutes can be tedious and frustrating. I hate it!

That's why I made Cafe Recorder.

With this program you can record your desktop at a preset speed multiplier and your video will be ready to upload as soon as you're done recording it.


Most other alternatives to record timelapse videos use a screenshot-based system. That still requires you to compile those screenshots into a video, and has the extra downside of being very size-heavy, with hundreds of high quality screenshots weighting down on your hard-drive.

Cafe Recorder, instead, just records a video and drops a bunch of frames inbetween. Simple and lightweight!


Current version: 1.0.2 [Windows | 31.6MB]

Download available through

Download Instructions

  1. Download the ZIP file and extract the folder anywhere.
  2. Run the file cafe_recorder.exe to use the program.
  3. Note that if you have Avast Antivirus, it might try to block the file. Don't fret! This is because the program is a small executable file from an unknown source and Avast is just being cautious. You can safely white-list it.
  4. That's it! This software doesn't require an installation.

Note: If the program doesn't start because MSVCP149.dll or similar is missing from your computer, that most likely means you have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages. I don't include them with the program because most people already have them, but you can download them from the official Microsoft site here.

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